1813 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27608
(919) 833-0226

Sun–Thu 11a–10p
Fri–Sat 11a–11p

Pick one of our delicious Specialties, create your own favorite Veggie, Vegan or Meat dish or choose from a large selection of Salads, Snacks, Strombolis, Zones, Pastas, and Gluten-free pies.

Lilly’s dough contains only 100% Certified Organic and Kosher stone-milled, whole-wheat, flour; our tomato sauce is prepared with only organic veggies and organic vine-ripened tomatoes; our Chicken and Beef toppings are cut fresh to order and are completely natural with no antibiotics, hormones, coloring agents, or preservatives; our rich mozzarella contains both Buffalo and cow’s milk and is BVGH free.

We hope you enjoy the difference a locally owned, independent restaurant makes in your community!